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Registered Office:  Unit 2, G/F Office Block 1,
92 Siena Avenue, Discovery Bay North, Hong Kong

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T8 First Response provides emergency first aid courses throughout Hong Kong. We offer high quality course instructions led by the emergency care industry’s most experienced and skilled professionals. Whether you’re looking for emergency care courses to keep your family safe or if you’re looking for in-depth education for the workplace, we have a variety of courses customised to fit your needs.


We’re on a mission to provide leading internationally recognised primary and secondary care for individuals and businesses. Through a dedicated and detailed approach to our services, we empower our students to manage any situation.


Our values lead the way to help us create an environment that can educate and prepare anyone. These values include: 

A belief that adequate care provided is better than perfect care withheld. 

A deep desire to create a positive learning environment for people of all backgrounds. 


Our primary and secondary care course services help you prepare for any emergency. However, we also provide primary and secondary care services to DB Pirates, Valley RFC, Lantau Boat Club, iGym, sporting tours, sports festivals, Team Fear and many more. Our courses can be customised as required, but each will follow the key requirements and skills outlined by the EFR. 

Through our courses, we teach you how to handle any situation. For example, would you know how to perform CPR in a Dragon Boat or outrigger? Or would you know how to provide care to an injured member of your sports team? After taking our Primary or Secondary care courses you’ll know how. Emergency situation training is only good if you can use it in any scenario. With the help of our trained professionals, you’ll learn the ins and outs of what to do when disaster strikes.

Our courses are led by international instructor's whom are all practicing paramedics or medical professionals, they have multi language capability including English, Chinese, French, Dutch and Afrikaans.

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